Monday, December 29, 2008

The King of the Dead

This is my first layered stamp. You can't really see it here, but there are three layers. Here's what I learned about doing a layered stamp:
1. It takes a lot of PZ!
2. Most of the work is spent preparing the layers and carving. When I actually made the cards, it was a snap.
3. As long as the stamps have some common straight edges (the right edge and top in this case), it's pretty easy to line the stamps up. Mine was especially easy since it really didn't matter much if I was off a little. I only "missed" once out of 46 cards.
4. It's hard to find the colors of ink you envision, especially if you're looking for shades of the same color.
Thanks, 3 Blind Mice, for inspiring me to try this technique. I'm so glad I did.
This card is for Autumn Whisper's The Hobbit swap.


Anonymous said...

Just amazing! I'm so glad that I'm in that swap with you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well as a layered stamp guy, I must admit that this card is quite stunning. We have one and it is even more impressive in person. Cograts.

jackbear said...

WOW! I have mean trying this...this looks soooo cool. Great great great job! jackbear

GreyCrazy said...

I was a member of this swap and feel honored to have this in my collection. It is absolutely marvelous and a perfect reflection of the subject! Thank you for creating such a beautiful card for us.

JennieGee said...

This is just so cool!I want to learn to do this!

andre said...

considering the technique used, the work here is fantastic. i want one!

Draygonflies said...

ok Wow! My little skull stamp is NOTHING like this. You are amazing my friend!!!