Monday, June 21, 2010


Embossed in purple, painted with some old liquid ink I bought many moons ago, highlighted in white gel pen, and Prisma Coloured in bright pink and orange. This one was quick and fun!
BTW, my first name is Charlotte.

My Edward

You probably can't tell by looking at it, but this is probably my most labor-intensive card to date. I'm not completely satisfied with the result, but he's okay. I do like those topaz eyes.
This card is for Miss Cheivous' Twilight swap. I used chalk, Prisma Colour pencils, oil pastels, Twinking H2Os, a blender pen, a gel pen, and acryllic paint. Whew! I'm not sure it was worth it.


This card is just like The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, but the colors are different. I like these colors MUCH better.

Tangled Heart

Created for Four Waters' Zen Tangles swap, the background for this card is similar to the background for New England Neptune. See that post if you want to know how I made it.
This is the first card on which I've used wire and beads. Although I put a second back on the card, I don't like the way the outline of the wires can be seen on the back side of the card. How can I fix this problem?


This card was created for One Forth's Mary Englebreit swap. Although I didn't carve the proof, this chef is cooking up a batch of grits. I made some of the grits buttered, and some are cheese.

The colors on this card are pretty vivid, but the scan is kind of dull. I colored this one with Prisma Colour pencils. After I colored the cards, I took a pom pom and rubbed the colored parts to make the colors smooth. I then set the whole thing by spraying on a clear coat.