Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Great Expectations

This is my favorite card, I think, and it was fairly easy to make. To those of you who were looking for a Charles Dickens card: I'm truly sorry. I just couldn't help myself.

Mad Libs

I think my kids knew what nouns and verbs were before they knew all of their colors, thanks to Mab Libs. When I had to rescue my traditional box, Games Travelers Play: Mad Libs, I couldn't help but to make LTCs with the stamp. Although this card is fairly simple, it took quite a bit of time to make. I had a rough time cutting around the Mad Lib Guy, and I filled out all of the Mad Libs by hand. There are 8 different versions of this LTC, and I like the Love Letter one best. Who got that one?

Vote For Pedro

My family loves Napoleon Dynamite, so when Napoleon came home from the Geeks/Dorks/Nerds PLB Ring, I made an LTC for him. I tried to make the card resemble the cover of the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack, despite the fact that few people actually own the soundtrack. Did anyone notice?

Although I'm fairly pleased with the result, I stepped outside of my comfort zone on this one. After reading The Little Foxes' blog, I broke out the watercolor pencils. I also carved a Vote For Pedro stamp. (It's now a HH.)

Although I have mixed feelings about this LTC, I'm glad I made it. I had trouble finding homes for all of my Napoleons, but they were all eventually placed. Thanks to everyone who requested this trade!