Saturday, November 1, 2008

Burton's Boogie Man

My 11yo son, Link, joined the Tim Burton swap. My original intention was to include this card with Link's Oogie Boogie as a bonus. I couldn't get the card done in time, though, and I ended up trading mine individually. This is a really simple card, but it's something I've been wanting to do for a while. The card is sort of like a suncatcher. If you hold the card up to the light, it looks really neat. I embossed my stamp in black and cut out the eyes, mouth, and moon. I then glued the card to an orange piece of vellum.

A Flippin' Sweet LTC

This is my second challenge card. Each of the pictures below represent a 2.5" x 3.5" part of the card. That's right . . . I got all of this in one card.
Lots of people have asked me how I constructed this card. Here's how: Score one piece of double-sided card stock vertically so that 1/4 of the card is on the left and 1/4 of the card is on the right. Then cut the card down the middle horizontally. Score a second piece of double-sided card stock horizontally so that 1/4 of the card is on the top and 1/4 of the card is on the bottom. Then cut the card down the middle vertically. Finally, put the two cards on top of each other, and use photo sticks on the four corners. That's it!

My Favorite LTC

This is my favorite LTC because it has more meaning than the others. It served as a birth announcement for my newest boxer, Titus, and the first to get these were those who wished me well during my pregnancy. It features Titus' first signature stamp, embossed and colored with markers. The quote is store-bought and embossed. The background paper is a glittery paper that I bought at Michael's for 50% off. The back of the card features a black and white photo of Ty.


My family LOVES the movie Elf. When the Elves LTC swap was listed, I had to join since my Buddy stamp was home from the Favorite Christmas Movie PLB Ring. (I carved this stamp over a year ago.)
I had to stamp Buddy at least 4 times for each of these LTCs . . . that's how I got Buddy's clothes to look like that. That's a lot of cutting out, folks! Buddy's skin was colored with chalks, and his hair was colored with a Marvy. It took me a while figure out how to finish this card off. I tried lots of different things, but I liked this the best. There are rub on transfers on two sides, and I used acryllic paint for the polka dots.

Captain Wentworth's Letter

I'm a HUGE fan of Jane Austen, and one of my favorite Austen moments occurs in Persuasion. I really thought that Anne had lost her chance with Captain Wentworth . . .
I stamped my stamp on vellum with brown Brillance ink, and then I colored the image gently with chalks. I also used that "edging with an inkpad" technique. Does anyone know what that's called?

My favorite thing about this card is that it's really an envelope. (I stole that idea from Nitrocat.) An abridged version of Captain Wentworth's letter is in the envelope.