Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Great Challenge

3 Blind Mice challenged some of us to create our most ambitious card yet. I had LOTS of fun ideas, but I went with this one after a couple of failed attempts. (I haven't given up on those other ideas, but I was racing with the clock since I was very pregnant at the time!)
Dolly Dingle is a paper doll created by Grace Gebbie in 1913. I decided to do a paper doll because I wanted to create an interactive card. Dolly came with three different outfits which were stored in "drawers" on the back of the card.
Dolly and her clothes are stamped in black and colored with chalks. Using the chalks like this was also a challenge for me, but I really like this look. I think the chalks make it look vintage.
I ended up carving a whopping six stamps for this card! Talk about a challenge.
P.S. If you're on my auto-send list, you'll get a card similar to Dolly soon.


Michelle H. said...

I sure hope I'm on your "auto send" list ;)

Maiden said...

That is simply amazing and I do hope that there are some left for trade! I would LOVE to have one.


Draygonflies said...

OH gosh! I'd BUY that card from you! Morgan has just started a thing for paper dolls.

Wonderful and inspiring as always!