Sunday, August 31, 2008

Too Pregnant to Care LTCs

I made this card for the SAT Words swap, and I used my favorite word, defenestrate. I'm always threatening to defenestrate things. :o) I used a new technique on this card. With a notecard and my trusty hobby knife, I made a "stencil" out of this stamp and used the stencil to emboss just the window pieces in clear. I *think* the window pieces look like glass. That's what I was shooting for. This card may be hard to understand unless you were in the St. Simons Tree Spirits swap. I asked four people to help me carve the five St. Simons Tree Spirits, and I am going to plant the stamps in St. Simons, GA this fall. Of course, we all made some LTCs with our stamps first. I feel like I "forced" this card, though. I never got the inspiration I was waiting on, and I wanted to get the card done early, just in case the baby came early. The result is that I'm not happy with this card, but I can't tell you why. I tried to make my tree spirit card look like a tree and the ocean, but you really have to use your imagination to see both, I think.

Oh . . . I couldn't find any gray ink, so I used yet another new technique on this card. I used a watermark stamp pad and gray chalks to get the color I wanted. That was really fun to do.

I actually carved this stamp over a year ago, and it was my best by far at that time. I carved this for Shoafster's 2007 Jesse Tree PLB ring, and it finally came home in June of 2008, so I made this simple little card. The stamp is actually much bigger than this, but I got all of the important elements on the card. Goliath's shield got cut off, and about 2/3 of the army on the hill is missing.


Nitrocat said...

I think "defenestrate" just became my new favorite word. :)
Awesome glass effect!

Draygonflies said...

We are lucky enough to have this Defenstrate! We didn't know there was a word for this and it has become great fun at our house.

Thank you Mandy for sharing your lovely work with me!


The Travelers Four said...

Efenestrate. Language of Origin? French. Can you use that in a sentence please? I think I'm going to defenestrate a certain young boxer who wants me to plant three dozen more boxes even though school just started. Efenestrate. EFENSTRATE.

Okay, I'm in love! Best word I've heard in years! Thanks GJ!

The Travelers Four said...

I believe the word was Defenestrate. I'm sorry, you are out of the competition. No boxes will be planted either :)