Sunday, June 22, 2008

Four Photos More

I ended up making 3 versions of this card after many LTCers offered me some advice. This version is called Just Peachy, and I think I like it best. The others had Georgia on a brad, and under the state were the words, "Hey, Y'all!" in a comment bubble.

My trip to Boston in February, 2008 inspired this card. It's called Cheers!, and it features Norm. I only made 5 of these . . . one was for SHH's Grand Experiment.

I have been meaning to carve a stamp of a manatee for some time now, and 3 Blind Mice's Zoo swap gave me a good reason to get going on it. I have seen several of these guys in the wild, and they are truly majestic. I wish I could have captured that magic a little better. I made 45 of these, though, so I had to cut a few corners. It was a pain to cut out all of those black frames.

This is one of my favorite cards . . . Hydra from Esmerelda's Greek swap. I kind of messed up on one of Hydra's heads (the one closest to the top of the card), but I covered it up as well as I could. This one was easy to make. I colored it in with markers after a failed attempt at a layered stamp.

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