Friday, April 11, 2008

How to Trade LTCs Individually

*(Optional) Once your LTC is done, put each card into a clear plastic sleeve. The sleeve will protect your card while it waits to be traded, and it helps you present your card in a more “professional” manner.
*List your card on Atlasquest. Within 24 hours, you will probably get a few requests for your card. Graciously accept, and exchange addresses with the requester.
*If you want more people to request your card, you can announce on Atlasquest’s LTC Board that your card is available.
*Finally, you can request trades. Do a search for active LTCs on Atlasquest. When you find one that interests you, contact the owner and request a trade.
*After a trade has been agreed upon and addresses have been exchanged, simply address an envelope to the LTCer in question and send her your card. (I usually put my LTCs inside of blank greeting cards. That way, the receiver can reuse the card if she wishes.)

In a few days, your mailbox should be overflowing with little envelopes that will make your heart jump when you see them.

DISCLAIMER: Trading LTCs is extremely addictive. Participate at your own risk.

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