Friday, April 11, 2008

How to Prepare for an LTC Swap

The Bubble Mailer is very important. I keep about 5 of these guys on hand at all times.

*After you purchase a Bubble Mailer (5” x 7”), address it to yourself and from yourself.
*This step is very important to the longevity of your mailer: Wrap the entire thing in clear packing tape, including the outside and underside of the flap.
*Now, write the swap host's address on a small piece of paper. Using clear packing tape, tape the address over your own. When you do this, try to fold a corner of the tape under so that the host can remove his address easily to reveal yours underneath.
*Put your cards in a baggie, and write your address on the baggie. Pack the cards up in your mailer. (If you don’t know how many cards to include, just ask your host.)
*Before you seal the mailer up, remember to include return postage. (I usually include $2 or 5 stamps. It really depends on the size of the swap and the size of your mailer. Just ask your swap host what he wants you to do.)
*Use clear packing tape to seal the mailer up. Again, try to fold a corner of the tape under so that it can be easily removed.

Now you’re ready to hop in the car and book it down to the USPS. Pay your postage and mail your cards. (I usually try to mail my cards at least a few days before the launch date on the tracker. The earlier the better, I think.) The easy part is over. The hard part is waiting patiently for your set of beautiful handmade cards to arrive. Good luck with that!

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This is a great tutorial