Monday, May 2, 2011

I finally carved it!

This image (Stars by M.C. Escher) has been taunting me for years, so when Beetle listed the Great Works of Art swap, I saw my chance. I'm not completely satisfied with this carve. As usual, I took out too much, but I'm relieved that I finally carved this image.

Designing the card was a whole lot more trouble than the carve. I originally made a flashy background for this card that I loved, but I just couldn't make the stamp fit in. I sought the advice of a few more LTCers when I went to Oregon, and Camp Fire Lady pointed me in the right direction. She said that I needed to highlight the image and tone down the background. I knew she was right. (Thanks CFL!)

When I saw some Smooch Metallic Paints on sale at Michael's, I bought several. I used them on the central image, and I'm super pleased with the result. (I also used Smooch Spritz on the background. It was also on sale at Michael's.) I embossed the edges, added a foundation, and finally added some gold beads to the edges.

I invested A LOT of time in these cards. I'm such a sloooooow painter.


ArtGekko said...

Um, hello?! What could I possibly offer in return to get my sticky gekko-toes on this card of yours? Please, please please let me know if you have any available and I'll think of SOMEthing. My firstborn, perhaps?! ;)

Mandy said...

If I get one back from the swap, ArtGekko, it's yours. Otherwise, I have 4-5 more to paint. I don't know when I'll get around to them, though.

six stars said...

I would also like to see one of these works of art in person- if you get any more done! such a wonderful collaboration of the minds story!
six stars on AQ