Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bubble Bath

I just finished this card up for sweetdixie06's Every Girl's Gotta Have swap. I used black ink on Bristol paper. (I've been doing that too much lately.) I colored it in with chalks, put some glitter glue on the bubbles, rounded the edges with a punch, and edged the whole card in black. To finish up, I covered the cards in clear ink and embossed them with clear powder for a shiny, wet look.

I really wish I would have paid more attention to this image before carving. I think that the edge of the bathtub needs to come up about a centimeter. It looks like her head is resting on air like this. I'll have to pay more attention in the future.

Finally, I've never admitted this publically, but I have a problem with taking out too many details when I carve. I put them in initially, and end up carving them away one by one. This bubble bather's "towel" was supposed to be hair. I butchered it. Could you tell?

[I forgot to tell how I did the "wall paper." I just used a mask to cover up the bather, and watermarked a flowery stamp in the background. When you chalk over that, the flowers stand out in a darker shade.]


Stacy Christian said...

Nice recovery with the stamp! When I butcher one, it's usually by taking out someone's eye or something else I can't fix.
Such detail! Wow!

Cooldude said...

She looks like she's having an awesome time with that bubble bath. Good job!

Ari C'rona said...

Your carves are absolutely wonderful, Mandy. I enjoyed looking through all your latest today.

And, no, I cannot tell you butchered it! The towel is perfect from my perspective. :o)

SweetDixie06 said...

Holy macaroni Mandy! I would have NEVER known that it wasn't supposed to be a towel. I just love it to pieces. Fab. job!!! I never thought to add watermarking to an LTC. You. Are. Brilliant. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for joining me on my first swap!