Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Generous Fellow

This is my middle son, Eli. He gave away a stack of my LTCs last year, so I dedicated my Unfortunate Events card (from Esmerelda's swap) to him. This card contains lots of symbolism. The ruler at the bottom represents Eli's love for math and his birth order (2) or age (7). The paper with text that I used for hair represents Eli's love for reading, and the chalk board represents his status as a homeschooler. Eli's plaid shirt shows what a stylish fellow he is, and it accurately represents the way Eli prefers to dress. He always buttons the top button.

This background was designed on the computer and printed. Eli's head and neck were colored with chalks, and his hair and shirt were fussy cut from scrapbook paper.


Hendel D'bu said...

I think this is the only card of the set you posted I have not seen - impressive! I like the term 'fussy cut'...creative, to be sure! :-)

Thanks for posting your LTCs...they look great!

Chedva said...

I love this one! Home Schoolers are so much more refined than your typical public-schooler! Nice-looking young man!