Saturday, December 15, 2007

My First LTC!

I'm officially addicted to Letterboxing Trading Cards (LTCs). My first LTC, River Dance, was created on December 1, 2007. Before I created it, I tried finding some examples of LTCs on the internet. I came up with only one. A couple of kind souls had mercy on me, however, and sent me LTCs "on credit". . . thanks Mososo Kruppe and Nitrocat. Now that River Dance is retired, I am posting an image here. I plan on posting the images of all of my LTCs here after they retire.
This is what I like about LTCs:
1. I get to share my artwork with lots of people at minimal cost. A postal ring with 20 participants would cost me $40 on average. It costs $8.20 maximum to send (and receive) 20 LTCs.
2. There's no logbook hassle with LTCs. I love receiving postals, but I sometimes dread logging in to them.
3. I can display LTCs neatly. If you don't have the 9-pocket display pages yet, you simply must get some.
4. I like the artistic aspect of LTCs, and I really enjoy creating them.
5. I don't run the risk of losing my stamps with LTCs, and I don't have to wait months for my stamps to come home.
6. I get lots of updates immediately. I love updates!
I'm not putting down postals in any way, and I will certainly continue sending and receiving postals. I feel like my involvement in postals, however, will slow as I become more involved in LTCs.

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